I AM KUROKO Sweatshirt Back In Stock!

Heyo~! The I AM KUROKO Sweatshirt is now back in stock! I have a lot left over from the preorder round 3 so if you are interested, you may order one from my storenvy without having to wait very long! I will  try my best to ship out orders as they come in! Thank you for reading! Happy Shopping!

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promised houdidesu a while ago i would draw kuroko with guns so here!!!

promised houdidesu a while ago i would draw kuroko with guns so here!!!

MIRAGEN the boyband….

A message from ariellesenri
Aww why are u feeling down senpai? I just wanted to say that ur one of my favorite artists and I always scream when I see ur art on my dash cuz it's so perfect <3

You’re too sweet!!! Your support means a lot to me so thank you dearly!!! Aaaa I’ve just been increasingly anxious about posting work on tumblr, not only on this account but my main art blog as well. I’ve been struggling a lot with my art because I’m not satisfied with where it’s going and I’ve become really insecure about everything I draw now. I try to work through these slumps though as best I can! Gotta work harder!!!!


i like to think that before kuroko got the ‘im a shadow shadows cant exist without their light’ metaphor he thought of others

  • im the sandwich spread and ur the bread please lend me ur strength
  • im the maple syrup and ur the pancake we’ll be number one in japan
  • ur a shoelace and im the little plastic bit you see at the end of shoelaces i’ll push u to the top

im screaming

A message from affecctions
hello!! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ id just like to say I think your art style is really pretty and unique! its distinctive and I can always tell its your art wow keep it up (♡˙︶˙♡)

You are the sweetest!!!! Thank you so much for liking my work T/////T! I’ve been kind of down so not drawing as much so it is so nice to hear your kind words! I will work hard!!!